The very first Odd Moe’s was opened May 7th, 1999 in McMinnville Oregon by Michael Sublett and Samuel Wibowo. The had originally met while working a pizza company in Sacramento California. They had a great vision of having their own pizza place so they moved up to Oregon where Mike was originally from and made that dream happen. They have always had the dream of becoming franchisable and with lots of hard work and a ton of effort they have been about to now been able to open 4 more stores!

Since the beginning they have had the same Philosophy; Find the people that like our products and keep them happy and full. They have done just that. They take great pride in the quality of food that they make as well as having many options for everyone. Their great philosophy has made them an indispensable local Pizza place!

The goal that they always had was to build a strong pizza parlor that was individual. They are generally small shops that are pick up and delivery. The supply everything that you would need for an amazing meal. They have appetizers, Pizza, Salads, Dessert, and even beer! These can all be delivered straight your your door. They use fresh products for all of their food. They make their own dough and let it rise naturally.  They take great pride in the food that they made and take special care to make it delicious for all who consume it.

Helping the community has always been a cornerstone for Odd Moe’s. They feel as though they have gotten so lucky over the years in their communities that they would love to give back in any way possible. They are happy to do fundraising and sponsor local teams, they have helped build a skate park, the work with local colleges, and award high school scholarships.they are happy to come talk at schools and do tours, and speaking in high school classes. It is important to them to support as many organizations and groups as they can to build a great partnership with their communities. Having a good partnership is as important for the community as it is for the small business.

They now have opened 4 other stores, because of this they now have about 60 employees. They are creating great local job opportunities. They have also started the process of becoming a franchise, if anyone is interested in opening up a franchise then all they have to do is give Sam or Mike a call to discuss it. They became a registered trademark of Primetime Pizza. Even though they have become a registered trademark they are devout to keeping it local and investing in the community. They will always be fully invested in the communities that they work in.

As for the future of Odd Moe’s they are planning to keep the things just the same. Sam and Mike had a dream and they made it happen! They are building their business and their community! So if you want to support local businesses then supporting Odd Moe’s is a great choice.

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