Best Seasonings for Pizza

Pizza has a very special and specific flavor. It comes from a delicious blend of wonderful herbs and spices. Also those herbs and spices in combination with delectable fresh juicy tomatoes. But what herbs are most commonly used with pizza or in pizza sauce? Today we will talk about the delicious combination of herbs that are on most pizzas that make pizza the scrumptious food we know and love. Many of these herbs and spices have great benefits for the body as well.


It’s a key ingredient in a lot of Italian dishes! Especially in red sauces including, but not limited to, pizza sauce. Oregano is a Mediterranean herb. It’s not only good for sauces but it’s also great for meat marinades, putting in bread rolls for flavoring and in dressings, there is really so much you can do with it. Many people also believe that oregano has a lot of health benefits. Oregano has been used in herbal medicine since the ancient Greeks! Some of these health benefit claims include, treating respiratory tract disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, menstrual cramps, and urinary tract disorders, acne, and dandruff.

Something really cool about oregano is that it appears to have antibacterial properties! There is a compound found in Oregano essential oil that has antibacterial properties. In some studies they have found that it kills 41 strains of Listeria. In another study they found that as both a liquid and a vapor it actually kills MRSA. A lot of farmers also use it in their chickens water to help fight against illness. Oregano is sure a multifunctional and delicious Herb!


Oh garlic, what a fantastic flavor you have! Many agree that garlic goes with just about anything. In fact, there are many festivals devoted to garlic. It has so much versatility and flavor. Some people will roast their garlic for extra flavor before cooking with it. However, you choose to eat it, it sure is good.

Another great thing about garlic is that it has many proven health benefits. It has been used for centuries in herbal medicine around the world! Garlic is used widely for several conditions linked to the cardiovascular system and circulatory system, including atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, heart attack, coronary heart disease, and hypertension. Some people also believe that it can be used as prevention of lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, rectal cancer, and colon cancer. It has significant antibiotic properties! Garlic sure is incredible and it tastes great.


While many people think Of basil as an herb that is only used in Italian cuisine, it is actually used all around the world. Some other cultures that use it a lot in their foods include Thai, Indonesian, Indian, and Vietnamese. Basil is very light calorically but very nutrient dense. It is full of antioxidants! In one study  showed that basil may be an adaptogen, meaning that it can help your body deal with stress and free radicals.

Basil is used in traditional Tamil and Ayurvedic, these are the names for traditional medicine in India and surrounding areas. Some studies show that holy basil may be effective as a preventative for some types of Cancer. Basil is also considered anti-aging because Holy basil extract was effective at killing off harmful molecules and preventing damage caused by some free radicals in the liver, brain, and heart. Basil has also proven to be a significantly effective anti-inflammatory. It also has antibacterial properties that restricts the growth of many harmful bacteria including E.Coli, Listeria, Staph and much more. So not only is it delicious and nutritious but it can prevent a lot of negative issues.


Do you have the Thyme to hear about one more herb? Ok, that’s probably not that funny but thyme is no joke either. It an amazing and versatile herb. It has been used throughout the world for food, drink and medicine. Egyptians used thyme in embalming fluid. Ancient Greeks used thyme as an incense in temples and added it to bathwater. The Romans used thyme as a flavoring for cheese and alcoholic beverages. The Romans were actually the ones that brought thyme over to the British Isles. You know the song “Ring Around the Rosie”? The posies that they kept in their pockets were Thyme to protect them from the black death when it was running rampant in Britain. So there’s a little dark history on Thyme for you.

In more modern days we are finding that there are some amazing uses for thyme! Thyme can be helpful for common skin conditions such as acne, dandruff, or eczema. Wild thyme causes cell death of breast cancer cells. It makes a great natural preservative in foods because it fight food borne bacteria. It has even shows to reduce blood Pressure in rats. Thyme is thought to have antibacterial, insecticidal, and possibly antifungal properties. Thyme is sure interesting.

Well there you have it, some weird and intriguing information about some of the herbs that are used in most pizza sauces. We at Odd Moe’s Pizza hope you have enjoyed the random facts presented to you today. And if you are ready for some pizza, give is a call.

*None of the information provided is meant to diagnose or treat any ailments. You should speak to a physician before using any information found on the internet

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