Pizza Making Tips

We are now 4 months into the New Year! Also, Spring has recently returned to us. It is the perfect time to start learning how to do new things. Plus, in a few short months you will be reaping the benefits of the vegetable garden that you are currently putting in! So we believe that right now is the perfect time to learn how to make your own pizza!

I know, it probably seems like a silly thing for a pizza place to tell people how to make pizza. However, we think pizza is literally the perfect food, and hey, you can’t buy Odd Moe’s Pizza for every meal can you? Plus, as mentioned above, when you make your own pizza you can use your own ingredients. Sometimes you may even come up with your own delicious combination that you may not ever thought to order. Plus. you can put as much and as many topping on your homemade pie!

Here are some tips for making your own pizza at home!

  1. Do not use cold dough.Make sure you take your dough out of the fridge long enough for it to be room temperature.
  2. Let your dough naturally rise. Make your dough the day before and allow it to rise naturally This will greatly enhance the flavor of the dough.
  3. Just use a small amount of sauce, if you put to much it might be a sloppy mess.If you’ve got cherry or grape tomatoes, halve or slice them and then gently squeeze out the excess juices.
  4. Make sure your oven is super hot! If you’re using a standard oven, you want to get it up to 550 degrees F.Using a pizza stone or baking steels. Some people say that using 2 is better!
  5. Use the right cheese. As wonderful as fresh mozzarella may sound it can often be too moist and become a huge mess. Instead, use part-skim mozzarella. It can be grated, sliced or diced, however you choose to do it itis the way to go.
  6. Precook your toppings. Make sure that any raw meats that you are using are fully cooked before putting it on your pizza. Also, cook greens and larger cut veggies.
  7. Brush your crust with olive oil. It makes for a browned crunchy, yet moist delicious crust that is to die for!
  8. Once cooking make sure that every few minutes you rotate your pie so that it cooks evenly.
  9. One the pie is done cooking its crust will be a golden brown. Elevate the pie on a rack to let it cool. This will keep the bottom of the crust crispy.
  10. Remember that some topping are best when you put them on afterwards. Piling too much on while cooking may cause a muddled mess and prevent the crust for cooking properly.

These are some great tips on making delicious homemade pizza! On the plus side if your pizza making attempts end up as an epic fail the you can always a guaranteed delicious pizza from Odd Moe’s Pizza! We hope to hear from you soon!

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