If you are interested in a franchise opportunity, please come visit us in person at our 3985 Rich Drive NE Odd Moe’s Pizza store. We work Monday through Friday and would be glad to answer any questions. If you are unable to visit us in person, you can call  (503) 999-3458 or we are also available via email at

Our company started May 7, 1999.

We are a truly a growing business founded on quality and supported by the drive and dedication to be successful.

Odd Moe’s Pizza is known for its tasty Northwest Style pizza which always begins fresh with our own fresh dough made right in each location. We mix up our signature sauces using fresh spices, hand cut our vegetables, use fresh meats and even shred the 100% part skim mozzarella we pile on, everyday.

People always ask who Moe is. Well, there is no real “Moe”, just a group of us “Odd Moe’s” making and selling pizzas. With that in mind, we created a mascot in our company’s image. A professional, hard throwing, taste bud bending, quirky chap that has the heart of a lion and the tenacity and determination which truly represents our workforce here at Odd Moe’s Pizza.

Just ask for Mike or Sam

We are hiring!

Please check with the location near you.

Salem N Lancaster

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Salem West






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Special Delivery Notice!

Due to Extreme weather events, delivery may be delayed at some stores or not possible. Please call the local store location to make sure you are in the delivery zone for that day.

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