Pizza on a diet?

Pizza and diets are two things that do not sound like they go with each other at all. However, when eaten in moderation pizza isn’t very bad for you. There have even been some people that went on pizza diets and lost weight and gained muscle tone. One person, New York Chef named Pasquale Cozzolino,  lost over 90 lbs on a pizza diet! Another story involves Richard Meadows who ate 222 pizzas in a row and showed results of weight loss and muscle gains. This, of course, would depend on the type of pizza that someone is eating. Also, this probably isn’t typical results. But is it possibly a dream come true that you could eat pizza and lose weight? Here are some ways to make better choices with your pizza selection!

Surprisingly,  when you think about it, pizza actually represents all the food groups. Pizza is basically bread topped with a fruit(tomatoes), then covered in dairy(cheese), sprinkled with protein(your meat of choice, pepperoni, sausage, ham, chicken, etc.), and topped off with fresh vegetables! It’s pretty rare to be able to find a type of food that is representative of all the food groups. If you make you pizza just right you are able to get in a good serving of all the necessities. It is especially important to remember to eat good ingredients, here at Odd Moe’s Pizza we take pride in our ingredients and focus on getting them nice and fresh!

One of the most important things when it comes to eating a healthier pizza is the choices of toppings that you put on. Gone are the days of only having pepperoni and sausage with cheese, there are great lean choices in food to put on top of  your pizza. At Odd Moe’s Pizza we have great choices such as diced chicken, ground beef, spinach, olives, artichoke hearts, chopped garlic, mushrooms, feta cheese and much more. All of these are great choices to top your healthy pizza with.

At Odd Moe’s pizza we currently offer 3 types of crusts for clients. These crusts are classic white, honey wheat, and gluten free. Starting out with a healthier crust is a great way to build your pizza. Many of our clients are choosing to go gluten free.  Also, if you are making your own pizza at home there are many other new types of crusts to choose from. One of the most popular new types of crusts is a cauliflower crust. Many people are swearing by it due to its delicious flavor and its low carbohydrate content. Another great alternative to typical pizza crust is the sweet potato crust. Remember, there are so many options when it comes to pizza. You can definitely make healthy choices.

Another important thing to keep in mind when eating healthy is that portion size is imperative. It might be super tempting to grub down on several pieces of pizza. However, that’s not healthy. Staying in moderation is key to eating healthy. 

A reason that we feel pizza often gets a bad rap is because of the foods it is often paired with. Some of these foods would include cheesy bread, greasy appetizers, and a heavy dessert. Also, it’s often eaten with soda or beer which are both high in carbohydrates. So, cut out the extras and just eat the good stuff.

These are some great ways to make healthier choices when it comes to eating pizza. Remember, we are not recommending that you switch to a pizza diet. You should always contact your physician before you change your diet. We hope that you enjoyed reading and hope you visit Odd Moe’s Pizza soon!

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