Did you know that there is a national pizza day? Yes, indeed there is and it’s coming up quickly! National Pizza Day Is February 9th! At Odd Moe’s we believe that everyone should Celebrate National Pizza Day. We are going to give you some great ways that you can celebrate.

Eat Pizza

Yes, we know a very simple suggestion, but hey we thought we should just throw that out there with our first suggestion. Find a pizzeria that you love and get some pizza. This the simplest way that you can celebrate National pizza day. Plus, you are always the hero of your household when you bring home pizza, double win.

Have a Pizza Party

One up JUST getting pizza and turn it into a pizza party! Invite over your friends and order some Odd Moe’s delivery with appetizers, beer, salad, pizza, and desserts! You can have a full party delivered straight to you. Remember though if you are planning a big party to call and order ahead or even ask about catering. Even if you are stuck at work you can have a pizza party. You will be the star of your job for the day!

Do a Pizza Crawl

Not sure what your favorite pizzeria is or just want to try multiple places, try getting some friends together and going on a pizza crawl!  In Salem there are many fun pizza places. If you have a designated driver or hire a driving service you can try pizza and beer in multiple different places. Make sure you hit up Odd Moe’s Pizza for some take home pizza, your gonna need a little bit of pizza to top off that pizza and of course you’re gonna need a little hair of the dog in the morning so make sure there are plenty for leftovers.

Wear Your Pizza

You can wear pizza! Not literal pizza but there is a lot of different places that have clothing and other pizza items that you buy to wear. If you aren’t going to be able to eat pizza that day then you can represent by wearing a pizza clothing item.

Go Homemade

One great way way to celebrate National Pizza day is by learning how to make your own pizza. There are so many ways to make your own pizza with a multitude of crusts and toppings to try out, if you are low carb your can even make a cauliflower crust to try out! Plus, if your homemade pizzas end up an epic fail then you can just order some Odd Moe’s Pizza for delivery.

Pizza Charity

Spread the love of pizza. Bring a struggling friend a pizza or buy several pizzas to donate to a homeless shelter. You can even pass out slices to the homeless yourself. You could sponsor a pizza party for a local team or school. If you have the ability, it is always very fulfilling to give.

Pizza Bucket list

Has there ever been a time that you have thought to yourself that you would like to try a different type of pizza but then decided not to? Maybe this National Pizza day could be the day that you break out of your personal pizza box and try a new variety! Try vegan or gluten free, try some veggies on it or even some anchovies. Try that super strange combination that has been in the back of you head!

If you do one thing this National Pizza Day it should be to have some fun. Whatever that looks like for you, you should do it. If you just want a quiet night at home or spend your day doing charity work then do so! Whatever you do remember to make it pizza-rrific!  If you need pizza on Feb 9th make sure that you give Odd Moe’s Pizza a call!

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