Spooky October Events

Spooky October Events

Spooky October Events Spooky season is back and we are all ready for it! What kind of spooky or harvest events do you and your family have planned this lovely October? There are so many events and great pumpkin patches around this time of year. Maybe you aren’t...
September Community Events

September Community Events

Autumn is a great time of year. Many people in the Pacific Northwest favor this time of year. Autumn holds many fun activities and events throughout the season. Technically, fall doesn’t start until the end of September but September is pretty much considered the...
Labor Day

Labor Day

Labor Day Why do we celebrate Labor Day? People look forward to Labor Day each year because it is a long weekend. However, there is a lot more to Labor day then a 3 day weekend with fun parties and barbecues. It is a day to represent and show respect to the American...
Things To Do this July

Things To Do this July

Things To Do this July July is a great month, it’s the prime and favored month in Summer. Full of warm weather and wonderful trips. Many people like to go on vacation around this time of year. But man of us need to stay close to home for work and other...
June Events

June Events

Things to Do this June Now that June is finally here we are ready to have the best time we can and make the most of the Summer!  Sometimes it can be hard to find out what kind of events are going on in the area. If you are an adult that likes to do...

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