There’s no doubt pizza is the most fantastic food out there, but how did pizza make it to the grand Pacific Northwest? Have you ever wondered how pizza came to be? The truth is many cultures have their versions of pizza so let’s conduct an inquiry to see where pizza started and where it is now. Let’s begin! 


Let’s establish that pizza is a type of flatbread with toppings. Therefore, it’s an ancient meal that has remained popular for centuries. Before there was pizza, there was focaccia bread in the 18th and 19th centuries—evidence of bread baked in France and Italy that traces over 7,000 years. Based on the culture, different communities smoothed bread with toppings such as cheese, oil, herbs, and meat. 


When tomatoes were brought to Italy, it changed how Italians cooked. The European colonizers brought tomato plants from Latin America to Europe. The rich viewed tomatoes as a decorative plant, and the poor ate them, especially in Italy. The introduction of tomatoes forever changed Italian food; tomatoes became the staple of Italian cuisine. Tomatoes took the form of sauce, side dishes, and entree courses. The beautiful concoction of tomato sauce, cheese, and bread was formed to generate pizza! 


Since the creation of pizza, many countries, regions, and cultures have adapted their pizza style. While Italians remain the OG (original), it doesn’t mean other pizzas aren’t good; they just have a different twist. For example, we have NY style pizza with thin huge slices or Chicago style deep dish pizzas smothered with sauce, cheese, and unforgettable flavors. 

Here at Odd Moes, we have a PNW style pizza. We roll our dough always fresh, never frozen. We knit our dough to get the perfect consistency of softness and excellent taste. With a perfect equilibrium, our bread is not thin nor thick. Our sauce is made fresh full of flavor. We add fresh, local, and quality ingredients. Most importantly, our cheese is grated fresh every single day. 

While we might not have invented pizza, we have invented our own style of pizza that is tasty, unique, and full of sensational flavors. With an Oregonian twist, we deliver cold beer and warm pizza! Order online today

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