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We want to invite you to check out out new charities page. For a long time Odd Moe’s Pizza has had the idea to highlight specific charities to help raise money for. It is very important to us to raise awareness on some causes. Starting with some of the causes which have affected people within our company. Colors representing each cause will be added to our products. For instance, our pizza boxes, our Moe Beer can, and social media platforms. Our goal is to keep the program simple enough that the program will steadily grow and truly promote awareness of each cause. 

The first step in our journey is to start the program – and we will start it with a cause that has affected me very deeply. The first of many charitable causes that were are raising awareness for is Cancer. As mentioned above, cancer has hit our staff and owners on a personal level and raising awareness about cancer is something that is near and dear to our hearts.

We have turned our Moe Beer cans pink to promote awareness for cancer. These are now available in all of our stores. We all know that #CancerSucks and we should all be helping to #FindACure. Basically, what we are saying is F*ck Cancer. We want to do our best to try to raise awareness and get people to donate to the cause. 

Above all, we want to invite other charities to contact Odd Moe’s Pizza if they are interested in being highlighted on our Charities page. Check back regularly to see what charitable cause we are currently highlighting. 

F*ck Cancer, Drink Beer.

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