New Specials For a New Year!

It’s a brand new year and we are having some amazing new specials going on! We know you want to enjoy all of them! Our coupons are great for any occasion. We love our patrons and want them to enjoy delicious food at a reasonable price! Here are a few of our current specials!

Meaty Appetizer Specials 

We have more than one meaty appetizer on our menu. While we are famous for our wings, we have other delicious and savory appetizers that are available at this time! Right now you can get 5 chicken strips for only $6.99. That is one delicious deal. Don’t forget to ask about our dipping sauces! Right now you can get 10 of our famous chicken wings for only $7.99! We have 6 different wing sauces to choose from! We also have a current special on our Bbq ribs, if that tickles your taste bud’s fancy! You can get 12oz of Bbq ribs for $7.49. With these delicious meaty delights who even needs pizza?! Ok, who are we kidding. We definitely still need pizza…

Carby Appetizer Specials

Mmmm, some things just go great with pizza and these carby delights are some of those things. Right now, we have our beloved cheesy garlic bread for $5.99! This is a favorite amongst our customers. Some other favorite foods include our Joes. You can get one pound of Joes for $5.99. You can also get our mouth-wateringly delicious potato poppers, $5.99 for 10 of them! Man, those are some seriously scrumptious deals if we may say so ourselves.

Sweet Treats

We all need a bit of dessert to top off those amazing foods. Luckily, we also have specials on some of our palatable sweets! One such desert would be our flavorful cinnamon dough Dunkers for $5.99. It’s like a churro and a donut had a baby. These dunkers are so good, they make an amazing treat. If the Dunkers aren’t your thing, you are still in luck. We also have Blue Bunny Ice Cream for $3.99 each! We got you covered for desert.

Something Green

If you have chowed down on all of these amazing things then you may want to consider adding a little green to the menu. By that we me salad. Yes, we also have great and fresh salads. You can choose from one of our three salads for only $7.49. That’s a steal in our opinion. Our three salads include Chicken Club which has Chicken, bacon, fresh tomato, & Mozzarella cheese on a fresh bed of Iceberg & Leaf. Greek salad which contains Spinach, Feta, olives, tomatoes, fresh garlic, & Mozzarella cheese on a fresh bed of Iceberg & Leaf. The Garden salad has Mushrooms, onions, green peppers, olives, fresh tomatoes, & Mozzarella cheese on a fresh bed of Iceberg & Leaf. Sounds great to us!

Triple Play Special 

This Is our current crowning coupon that many many people are taking advantage of! People are truly surprised at what a great meal for the price. For $25 you will get 1 large 3 topping pizza, 1 appetizer of your choice (other than wings), and a 2-liter soda or a pint of Ice cream. That is one heck of a deal! Plus, there are ways that you can alter it to make it fit your needs perfectly. For instance if you only want a medium pizza the cost is only $23. If you want an X-large pizza it is $27. If you want to go All Out with our signature All Stars the cost is only an additional $4.99. You are not going to find such a scrumptious deal just anywhere and it won’t always be around. Take advantage of the Triple Play special while it’s here!

Build you Own

As always we have a build your own pizza option, however, we have some new toppings options. Because the vegan lifestyle has become so common, we wanted to offer more options for out vegan brethren. So in addition to our lovely array off veggies and fruit, we have added vegan cheese, vegan sausage, and vegan pepperoni. We hope that you enjoy this addition to the Odd Moe’s Menu!

It’s truly our goal to keep our customers happy. We want to spend the delicious, quality food for a reasonable price. We hope that in this new year we will be seeing more of you at Odd Moe’s Pizza! Remember we deliver, not only food but beer too.

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