Diaries of the Quarantined

Diaries of the Quarantined | April, 21st 2020 | Odd Moe’s Pizza

Today, Oregon has been in a state of emergency for over a month and a half. People have begun the transition from work to home, school to home, and holding gatherings through Zoom. Staying home is a crucial aspect of combatting COVID-19. Are you getting a little bored inside? You’re not alone. Here’s a list of five activities and things to be grateful for while staying home.

Staying Fit Indoors
While it may seem like we are hibernating indoors, the reality is we can still find ways to be active. A common misperception of exercise is that it has to be a painful experience. While that may be the case for marathon runners or Olympic lifters, exercise can be a fun experience. What the Odd Moe’s team loves the most about exercise is how universal it is: you can dance, run, jump, stretch, or take a nice long walk. Take 10 minutes out of your day and work your muscles!
Appreciating Time with the Kids
Although quarantined life has changed the majority of our schedules and routines, we have to look at the positive’s in our unique situation. One obvious positive is the amount of time we get to spend with our loved ones, specifically kids! Nine months out of the year our kids are in school, where they spend the majority of their time. It’s important to not make the children feel like they are a burden and engage them in fun activities when possible. Activities can range from reading, solving puzzles, drawing, and making a music video using iMovie.

Learning Family Recipes
One key factor we can all benefit from is learning our family recipes while quarantined. Family recipes are one of those things that can easily be lost through generations. For this reason, it’s important to document your favorite family recipes. Pick up the phone and call a loved one, ask them about your favorite family recipe, learn the family history behind it, and re-create until you perfect it. Who knows, maybe you’ll stumble upon family history you never knew before!

Binge-watch Netflix
An activity we can all find ourselves guilty of is binge-watching Netflix. Yet, in the past, our busy schedules conflicted with our desires to binge-watch making it difficult to complete the binge. Does it sound like you are encouraging you to binge-watch now? If you were thinking yes, well you’re right! Lay on your couch, get cozy and watch that show you’ve been talking about for weeks. We recommend on Netflix: Tiger King, On My Block, The OA, and Better Call Saul.

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