Pizza really isn’t bad for you. Wait, what? As a society we have always kind of lumped pizza in with junk foods, or fast foods. But if you are getting a good quality pizza then this is not the case! Of course we suggest that everything is eaten in moderation! We do not suggest going on a pizza diet or anything but eating pizza is a much better choice for convenience foods than most others! Now we are going to tell you why!

Cancer Fighting

No seriously, an institute in Milan called Institutio di Ricerche Farmacologiche  did 3 studies. They found a reduced risk of certain types of cancer if you ate pizza once a week. The specific types of cancer that they believe have reduced risk of cancer include mouth and colon cancers. These studies were done between 2001 and 2004. We believe that is the most surprising  thing that we have learned about pizza. Keep in mind that this is the Case for good quality pizza, not all pizza is created equally!


It’s all in the sauce, no really tomatoes are packed full of antioxidants! This kind of goes a long with cancer fighting Properties but we just wanted to spotlight red sauce for a minute. Tomatoes sauce is one of the most used sauces in the world. We are so glad to learn that our love of tomato sauce is beneficial to all! Also keep in mind that garlic is also a great food that has many health benefits and also makes a great sauce! It is so nice to know that our pizzas come with antioxidants because we use fresh vine ripened tomatoes never from concentrate!

Cheese Please!

Yes, cheese is also good for you in moderation! There are many benefits to having dairy in your life. Having the recommended amount of dairy in your diet can help reduce the risk for chronic illnesses and conditions such as diabetes, and hypertension. Luckily for everyone pizza has cheese on it(unless ordered otherwise)! We are happy to help with your daily intake of dairy, you’re welcome.

Food Group Party.

You guessed it, all of the food groups are present on a pizza. Pizza is basically bread topped with a fruit(tomatoes), then covered in dairy(cheese), sprinkled with protein(your meat of choice, pepperoni, sausage, ham, chicken, ect), and topped of with fresh vegetables! That sounds amazing! How many foods are there that have all of the food groups in one slice! We pride ourselves on our ingredients here at Odd Moe’s, when we make our red sauce we use vine-ripened tomatoes, never from concentrate. We also use fresh basil, oregano, and garlic. We hand make our pesto with fresh basil. To keep our vegetables in great shape and nice and fresh we cut them onsite daily. We also make our own dough and let it rise naturally throughout the day. When it comes to our mozzarella cheese we cut it directly off the log for fresh and perfect cheese on your pizza. Talk about a delicious AND nutritious meal!

                            Now that you know all of this information about quality pizza make sure that you spread your knowledge, and maybe use it your advantage when you want pizza. Gone are the days of guilt over ordering pizza weekly, it’s for your health right? If you are wanting some delicious high quality pizza then give us a call or stop by Odd Moe’s!

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