Looking for Low(er) Carb?

Are you looking to cut carbs down and loose some pounds before summer? I think we all are trying to! But just because you are cutting the carbs doesn’t mean that you should suffer in silence munching on  a celery stick in the corner! You can still enjoy delicious and nutritious food from your favorite restaurants. Even Odd Moe’s Pizza has some great healthier and low(er) carb options for the health conscious customer! Today we will talk about our favorite lower carb option that we have available!


Salads are generally a really great lower carb option to have. Luckily, here at Odd Moe’s we have 3 different absolutely amazing salads to choose from!

A favorite around here is the Chicken Club. The Chicken Club Salad includes Chicken, bacon, fresh tomato, & Mozzarella cheese on a fresh bed of Iceberg & Leaf. This salad is so good for you and most definitely low carb! Plus, chicken, bacon, and mozzarella together? Now that’s is a winning combination for sure!

Another great Salad that we have here is called the Greek salad. This salad is incredibly delicious. Who can bet a salad with the flavorful fresh undertones of Greek cuisine! This mouth watering salad includes Spinach, Feta, olives, tomatoes, fresh garlic, & Mozzarella cheese on a fresh bed of Iceberg & Leaf. Another great thing about this salad is the fact that it is indeed vegetarian! We really live this salad.

Our third and final salad is totally one that we think just goes perfectly alongside any pizza that you may order. We also like it because it is also a great vegetarian option. This salad is called a Garden salad. Our Garden salad includes Mushrooms, onions, green peppers, olives, fresh tomatoes, & Mozzarella cheese on a fresh bed of Iceberg & Leaf. It’s so incredibly good and a great refreshing treat in a hot day!


Our wings are only minimally breaded, you can choose from bone-in wings or boneless chicken wings. We love them both equally. We have several tongue tingling sauces for you to choose from.

We have our bbq which is a scrumptious smokey mixture with just the right amount of tang and sweetness to really hit that bbq spot. We also offer our original spicy buffalo which we really think is absolutely the perfect buffalo sauce!

Another more mild option for wing flavor is our garlic parmesan. Its is very mild but the flavor is so incredibly delectable that we highly recommend it! For something a little different we have the Sweet Asian sauce. It is super tangy with a real Asian flavored undertone. We highly recommend this to add a little bit of ethnic flavor to your meal.

For our customers that are brave and want their mouths to truly explode with flavor we have two different hot sauces to choose from. Our signature “hurts once” sauce is incredibly delicious and perfectly spicy. But if you are looking for some mind blowing and mouth wateringly spicy wings then we advise to try the “Hurts twice” sauce. Keep in mind that it is very spicy and not for the faint of heart!!

Theses are some of our lower carb options here at Odd Odd Moe’s Pizza. Remember, just cause you are eating healthy doesn’t mean you need to miss out on great foods. Always consult your doctor before making a big dietary change!

When you are ready to get some delicious lower carb meals then give us a call at Odd Odd Moe’s Pizza  or order online!

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