Here at Odd Moe’s we are big believers that taking the time and individual care makes a difference between an ok pizza and a pizza your going to want to “write home about”! We believe that time, energy, great staffing, and of course great ingredients really makes the difference and sets us apart from other pizza places. We are going to tell you more about our prized ingredients!

The Dough

Unlike most pizza places that have their dough premade, put into balls, frozen, and then delivered to them but we actually make our own. That’s right, with fresh ingredients we make our pizza daily. We also let  it rise naturally throughout the day so the our valued customers can have a more authentic experience with our pizzas. It is important to have a good dough, after all, it is the foundation of a good pizza! We have 3 types of crust to choose from, Original white, honey wheat, and gluten free!

The Sauces

We love our tomato sauce, not only are tomatoes chalk full of antioxidants but ours are special. Why you might ask? Because we let our tomatoes vine ripen and are never from concentrate! They are fresh and delicious. Unfortunately many other pizza places used frozen or (shudder) canned pizza sauce. We also are quite proud of our signature Garlic sauce, and citrus chipotle bbq sauce. Our pesto is made here with the freshest of basil for the best flavor possible. We also just have plain bbq and salsa as sauce options! We truly think it’s all in the sauce, and ours are magnificent.

The Protein

Whatever your protein choice is we have it for you. If you like protein that swims in the ocean or pecks on a farm we have it! We also think it is very important to choose great food distributors for stuff like meats. Protein is a key source of nutrition for people(whether it be by meat or with vegan proteins, your choice). Our protein sources include cheese(obviously), pepperoni, salami, ground beef, Canadian bacon, Italian sausage, bacon, and even anchovies…. Yummy. So whichever protein you choose you can count on the fact that at Odd Moe’s its going to be good quality meats and our mozzarella is fresh sliced right off the log!

The Other Toppings

Ahhhhhh, fresh fruits and veggies how we love thee…  seriously they are a very important part of your daily diet and we take that very seriously here at Odd Moe’s. We use fresh vegetables that are sliced on site daily to keep there crispiness and freshness intact until you are ready to chow down. Some of our toppings other than protein include mushrooms, red onions, green peppers, tomatoes(other than the sauce), black olives, artichoke hearts, Green onions, spinach, peppercinis, jalapeños, chopped garlic, and pineapple(yes, it does belong on pizza!), ect. So really we take our toppings seriously and want you to have a great pizza experience.

                   Well there you have it’s all the food groups on one beautiful pie. Not too shabby if you ask us. So next time you are dying for a great, fresh made pizza then think  of us here at Odd Moe’s. We are easy to make your day with of amazing pizzas!

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