You can ask yourself what makes a great pizza? Every single person will probably have a different answer for you because people like different stuff. Here as Odd Moe’s we believe that there are many things that contribute to making a good pizza. From the ingredients to the products to the loving tender care of the people who make it. It is important to take all of these things into account when you are considering what a good pizza is.

Great Ingredients

One of the things that we believe makes a good pizza is great ingredients. We use fresh ingredients in all of our food. When we make our red sauce we use vine-ripened tomatoes, never from concentrate. We also use fresh basil, oregano, and garlic. We hand make our pesto with fresh basil. We also make our signature Garlic white sauce. We also take pride in our citrus chipotle bbq sauce. To keep our vegetables in great shape and nice and fresh we cut them on site daily. We also make our own dough and let it rise naturally throughout the day. When it comes to our mozzarella cheese we cut it directly off the log for fresh and perfect cheese on your pizza!  Fresh and delicious ingredients is one thing that makes a pizza a good pizza!

Exactly What You Want

When it comes to pizza, some places just have a set menu and don’t really let you individualize your pizza. At Odd Moe’s we will build your pizza exactly how you want, choose your crust, choose your sauce, and choose your toppings. We offer 3 types of crust, and 7 sauces!  It is made just how you like it every time. No only can you build your own pizza but we offer 11 All-Star pizza combinations! So if you don’t feel like building your own you can choose one of those All-Star pizzas!

I like this with my Pizza

For many people, having specific sides with their pizza contributes to their pizza experience. For some, they love to have hot wings with their pizza, for others they love to have salad and pizza, and some people just looove appetizers in general. Luckily we have a lot of options for your pizza sides. But probably the most common pizza combination is Pizza and Beer. YES, we have beer! And we can deliver it straight to your home with your pizza! Talk about convient. Having the perfect sides can make your good pizza a great pizza.

The Time We Take

Odd Moe’s is a pizza place that was built on the dreams of our founders. They dreamt of having a great pizza place and they did just that. Because of this, we like to think that we have a little bit extra to offer when it comes to our pizzas. We are a small locally owned business that has a strong partnership with the community. Does good intentions make pizza good? Well we sure hope so!

Every person is going to have a different idea of what a great pizza is but with all we put into our pizzas to make them specifically how you want we hope that we have one that you think is the perfect pizza. Whatever your tastes are we hope you can find something you like and will always consider Odd Moe’s pizza as a good pizza!


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