What to do for Easter

Whether you are religious or not celebrating Easter is a fun holiday for all. People celebrate it in many different ways. Some people spend their day at church. Some people just go to Easter egg hunts, either way there are many fun things to do.

Easter is a very good day for giving back to your community. It is a great idea to arrange a community dinner for those in need. You can ask local churches, businesses, or other organizations in your area to donate to your cause. Maybe ask people or places to donate food or gift cards to help with getting food for the dinner! You can put up a Facebook event and ask for donations and volunteers! Sometimes you can do free advertising for this type of thing in storefront windows or on the boards inside their stores. Giving an Easter dinner to those in need is a great way to give back to your community on Easter Sunday. Plus, if you get enough cash donations you could have Odd Moe’s Pizza cater your event!

Easter is extremely late this year, it falls on Sunday, April 21st. The Monday after that, April 22nd, is Earth day. Maybe you could spend your Easter weekend celebrating planet earth! You could do several things to celebrate such as picking up random trash or organizing a park clean up. One great idea would be to organize a tree planting or community garden planting! Spring and Easter is all about rebirth and renewal and helping the Earth get healthy and stay healthy is an amazing way to celebrate Easter weekend.

Many organizations and local churches arrange Easter egg hunts for children of all ages! This is generally a really fun way to Spend Easter weekend!

Here is a list of some events going on for Easter/Earth day in our area:

Deepwood Easter Eggstravaganza: Bring your family to Deepwood Museum & Garden’s annual Easter Eggstravaganza, in Salem, on April 20. This event is for children, ages 10 and under. However, pre-registration is required for this event!

Earth Day Litter Cleanup: This is exactly what we were talking about! Come down and celebrate Earth Day by doing something positive for your community on April 13. Marion County Environmental Services will host a litter cleanup around East Salem on April 13th. They will provide Bags, gloves, vests and pickers! Contact them for more details!

Earth Day at The Oregon Garden: The Oregon Garden in Silverton, Oregon, celebrates Earth Day with free admission on April 20, a $5 donation is encouraged to help support the Garden but not required. Bring the family over to enjoy a day of education and entertainment!

Oregon Ag Fest: This event is so much fun every year for people of all ages! Come find out more about  Oregon agriculture in a fun way! This event is intended to educate people and all the things that come from Oregon such as crops, animals, fibers and much more! This event is at the Oregon State Fairgrounds, in Salem, on April 27-28. Tickets are required, ages 12 and under receive free admission.

Pow-Wow: The Multicultural Student Union of Western Oregon University in Monmouth, will host its 26th annual Pow-Wow. This includes a dinner and a dance competition open to all. Admission is free for this event and it is taking place on April 27th!

Odd Moe’s Pizza is a huge supporter of people staying involved in their communities. This is just a short list of things that are happening in this area around Easter. We hope you have a great holiday!

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