With Halloween 2019 just being days away, it’s time to start planning what you are going to be doing. There are always a million options for Halloween no matter what age you are. There is fun to be had by all. But what are some good ideas for people of all ages? Here are some suggestions for all age groups. 

For the Little Kiddos

Kids love Halloween, they get to dress up, spend time with friends and family, and they get free candy. What could be better than that? It’s great fun to wander around neighborhoods, see spooky houses, and ring doorbells. “Trick or treat smell my feet….” This is always super fun.

 If you don’t have a neighborhood that is easy to trick or treat in, then you can look into other ideas for small children. Some great options including going to nursing homes or elderly care facilities for trick or treating. Not only will the children enjoy it but so will the residents of the nursing home. Many local churches and organizations have events going on geared towards children as well. Some have big parties with games and food or they something called “Trunk or Treat”. “Trunk or Treat” is when people decorate the trunks of their cars and kids go car to car in a safe parking lot. 

Many pumpkin patches are still open on Halloween  and offer fun events. There are hay or corn mazes, costume competitions and much more.

For the Bigger Kids 

Unfortunately, teenagers seem to get left behind in all the Halloween fun. But more and more communities are becoming aware of the lack of activities for this age group and righting the problem. Many youth organizations are having safe Halloween parties for teenagers. Also many churches include youth group activities in their parties now. If you have a teenager, considered being the totally awesome parent that has an amazing Halloween party at their house this year. Teenagers don’t need a lot, some movies, soda, and pizza will make their night. We should all help make our communities a better place and dedicate some time to making sure we help teenagers stay out of trouble this Halloween. Don’t forget, haunted houses are great for teens entertainment!

For the Grown Ups

Halloween gets a lot more fun again when you become an adult. There is so much to do with or without the kiddos. We all love going trick or treating with our kids but we can also appreciate the adult fun once the kids go to bed. Many bars and clubs have special Halloween Parties, they do costume competitions, specials on food and drink, big parties, etc. This is incredibly fun and entertaining.

If going out to a big party isn’t your deal, then consider throwing a low key party of your own at home. Invite a handful of friends over for some food, drinks, and merriment. It’s easy to plan a small party when you have great restaurants around that deliver. 

With so many fun options this Halloween it might be hard to decide what you want to do. If you choose to stay at home, have a big party or small, or go out, ordering some Odd Moe’s Pizza for dinner is a win anytime.

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