Here at Odd Moe’s we are big fans of variety. Just look at our menu, from appetizers, to salad, to pizza, beer and some desserts to tie up the meal! Clearly we like to give a lot of options. We have a lot of appetizers, not JUST chicken wings but several other delicious choices. Don’t miss out by skipping the appetizers this time. You know you want them…. Don’t lie to yourself.
Since wings are such a popular appetizer they seem to get all the attention, with us serving both traditional wings and boneless in six different sauces the obsessions with our wings is understandable. But wings aren’t the only chicken on the appetizer menu! We also offer absolutely fabulous Chicken strips. Chicken strips are a great starter to any meal, high in protein and deliciously crunchy. Who doesn’t like that combination?! One other delicious and high protein appetizer that we off here at Odd Moe’s is Barbeque Ribs. These mouth wateringly good ribs make a great addition to any meal, they are so good you might even forget about the pizza! Wait, who are we kidding, you won’t forget the pizza.
If it’s the starchy deliciousness of a potato that you crave then there are some grand options for you as well. We have the potato poppers for those who crave a spicier appetizer! These are potatoes that are stuffed with jalapenos and gooey warm cheese. Starchy, spicy, and savory …what a perfect combination. If you have more simple traditional tastes we have Moe Joes. Moe Joe’s are thick cut potatoes fried to crispy perfection. These are like traditional Jo Jo’s but way better because we make them. Everyone loves potatoes, so of course they make the perfect start to a gourmet feast!
If its bread that you like to start your meals then we have some sweet and savory options for you as well. You can have a delectable garlicky start to your meal with our ooey gooey Cheesy Garlic bread. So exquisitely toasted to perfection with the ideal amount of garlic in every bite. Perfect for late night vampire hunting. Garlic bread is an Italian favorite that goes flawlessly with any Italian food especially pizza. If you feel like getting all sugared up before your salad and pizza then our sweet delightful Cinnamon Dough Dunkers is perfect for you. This warm sweet treat will really hit your sweet tooth just right! Sometimes there is nothing better then dessert before dinner and you can totally cheat with these palatable Cinnamon Dough Dunkers!
With all of these options how could you just choose one? Well you really don’t have to, you’re an adult you can eat it all(We are not liable for stomach aches)! From sweet to spicy to savory, we have got exactly what the taste buds want no matter what the mood. Remember, you can redeem yourself by eating one of our healthy made to order Salads between appetizers and Pizza! Don’t you even forget about our desserts or beer delivery! So next time you decide to order from Odd Moe’s don’t forget to check out our Appetizer menu, you won’t regret it!

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